The institute has partnerships with a number of development institutions Including
  • Africa University;
  • Local Authorities (both urban and rural)
  • Government departments and line ministries
  • The Centre for Rural Development of the University of Zimbabwe
  • Ruzivo Trust
  • Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)
  • Plan International
  • Diamond FM Radio Station


Recent Collaborations


The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

with whom the Institute has implemented the USaid funded Conflict Management and Mitigation (CMM3 and CMM4) the former being the Youth and Community Action for Non- Violence (Youth CAN!) 20014-16 that was implemented over a 24- month period in 2 districts in Manicaland and the later, CMM4 (Resilience through Peaceful and Inclusive Relationships (REPAIR) 20016-18  being an 18- month project that was implemented in 3 districts of Manicaland as well.


Where CMM3 sought to support the formation of Youth Forums (YF) at the village level as a safe space for capacity building, youth interaction, collective action, and preparation for engagement with the wider community, CMM4 drew attention to the need for a participatory approach in the decision making process at community level with the traditionally marginalized women and youth playing an increasingly important role in the process.


The International Organization for Migration (IOM)

This ongoing project will stretch from 2018- 2020 with the focus being on scaling- up coordinated protection, promotion and enforcement of human rights for citizens and other vulnerable groups including displaced persons in Zimbabwe.